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Installing the Audiosurf 2 Community Patch

Before we get started
Download latest patch

Installing required packages

1. Open a Terminal window
2. Enter
For Ubuntu or Debian based distros (that use apt):
sudo apt update && sudo apt install unzip gconf2
For Arch based distros (that use pacman):
sudo pacman -Syu && sudo pacman -S dconf unzip
For Fedora based distros (that use dnf):
sudo dnf makecache --refresh && sudo dnf -y install GConf2 unzip
Gconf might need a system reboot to work (without it YouTube videos will just show grey)
If you cant find the packages or need help in general, please join our Discord server

Installing the patch

Please ensure that you are running the native Linux version of Audiosurf 2 without Proton.
  1. Open your Steam Library
  2. Right-click on Audiosurf 2 and choose Manage > Browse local files
  3. Move the downloaded patch zip into that folder
  4. Rightclick somewhere in that folder and choose "Open Terminal Here" (wording might differ depending on DE/File Manager)
  5. Enter unzip -o
  6. Start the game
    • If the loading screen shows credits, that means you installed the patch correctly!
Audiosurf 2 Community Patch Changelog

New Features

  • "YouTube URL" can now load Playlists
  • "YouTube Search" uses YouTube API now
  • Playlist support (m3u/m3u8), ones with YouTube links in them work too!
  • "Continuous Mode" (Playlist button beside Play button) to play all of a folder or playlist without interruptions
  • Scoreboard card is now dynamically scaled so the text is never out of bounds!
  • LastFM Tab in the Song Browser when login info is set in extras.xml
  • Rails get created faster now so no more dropping out Highway elements in fast modes!
  • 1,2,3 keyboard controls

New Options

  • "Autoplay After Load" - Automatically dismisses the loading/mode info screen
  • "Autoplay Youtube Videos" - No need to click play on YouTube videos anymore to start
  • "Skip Artificial Loading Delay" - Skips a 2 second delay on the loading/mode info screen
  • "No Hub Background" - Disables main menu background animation
  • "Track Start Delay" - Reduce the time before a song starts
  • "Music Fade-In Time" - Let songs fade in (time in seconds)
  • "Disable Auto Song Change" - After dismissing the Ride Summary the next song (in a folder or playlist) wont be loaded
  • "Disable Local Cover Art" - Disables all cover art for local songs
  • "Auto Vehicle Centering": Enables/Disables the ship being automatically getting centered on keyboard controls (used to be an extras.xml option)