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. jason d apb keyboard Braam gay bon sheep cock

aep's tutorial

Ultimate True Ninja, and 1m Forever Player.

I’m a big fan of Happy Hardcore, Psy-Trance and Drum ‘n’ Bass (Especially if it has vocals) but I like, listen and play pretty much anything that isn’t constant screams like Death Metal.

SHOUT OUTS to these nice people:

  • Seahorse lover aep who is always fun to be around with and being a genuine nice lad. Thanks for the colours, the space background, and the sword. (I’m not writing all this at gunpoint.) Wants to marry his keyboard. Love this guy. Shout outs to all his weird friends too!
  • The pair Bonnie and Lawrence Basically Bonnie & Clyde. Who, for some reason, think I have a crush on aep ???
  • Braamberg who is a great drunk and worse than me on UTN. Thanks for making me not look horrible. Word around the AS2 community is he can deepthroat an entire banana!
  • Classified for his great mods and skins and being one of the very few old as2 guards.
  • The pervert paradoona for injecting every stream with sex talk. Always great to have a laugh with.
  • Snowy for just being God while still being humble. Hope I can get to this skill level once.
  • Capes and DriveOffTheCliff for the nostalgia music and being the only non UTN mains so I can play some other modes.
  • Gin for the Arabic translation and being a very positive dude.
  • Last but not least AiAe for making all this possible and keeping this game alive when the developer can’t be bothered.
  • And of course his roommate/boyfriend/husband/slave p1ekill3r for being there for him and give him all the love he needs.
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Song Score Points Mode Submitted
Euphoria- Save Me 1,643,053 712 ultimate true ninja about 1 year ago
Styles & Breeze - Amigos Hardcore Edit 1,033,878 459 ultimate true ninja about 1 year ago
Tiësto & Sevenn - BOOM (MR.BLACK Remix) 875,131 422 ultimate true ninja about 1 year ago
Simon Viklund – Break the Rules (lyrics) 855,268 334 ultimate true ninja 3 months ago
What So Not & LPX - Better (ShockOne Remix) 684,009 293 ultimate true ninja about 1 year ago
MaxNRG - Hide Away My Heart (Original Mix) 784,590 287 ultimate true ninja over 1 year ago
Audiosurf 2 Community Patch Setup Tutorial 373,734 163 ultimate true ninja 11 months ago
Zarif - California (Danny Byrd Remix) [HD] 1,226,750 116 ultimate true ninja over 1 year ago
Extra Terra - Man or Machine (feat. Megan McD... 989,528 0 1m challenge 11 months ago
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  • mono forever 123
  • mono turbo 116
  • 1m Forever 71
  • endless ninja 30
  • 1m challenge 29
  • ninja turbo 27
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