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I made 'mono forever' so I wouldn't lose interest in the game.

Mono and UTN bring me pain and suffering but they're the most popular here ;_; Big fan of Ninja Turbo.

Youtube lag and random track/pb changes make me cry. Sifting through yt songs to find playable tracks is also hell. So I mostly do offline.

Due to a couple error scores while testing, my total score is over 5 billion. The correct total score for offline should be <2 billion.

I made this guide that shows my strats if you're interested~ https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1916096771


capes lost first place on Emerson, Lake and Palmer Selections from Tarkus

5 days ago

capes lost first place on Black Hole and 2MB Pluto (3 Mixes)

6 days ago

capes lost first place on Leaf ℵI

6 days ago

capes lost first place on Deep Fog Atmosphere (Cut)

7 days ago