Frequently Asked Questions

The server works just like the official game server. It collects scores, tracks scoreboards and caches played songs so they don't have to be processed every time you play them. Any scores it collects are forwarded to the official server so using it does not stop your scores showing up there.
Our server saves only your SteamID and submitted scores.
Video playback of the H.264 format is not supported by Audiosurf as it has been patented by Google. This format can be found in uploads after 2014. Therefore, often when playing newly uploaded tracks you will be given this HTML5 error. To reduce the frequency of it, start rendering the song ingame to see if it will work, and then if it does, back out and render it instead using the yash render.
The reporting ingame is disabled for security reasons, so feel free to report to the server admins.
Some parts of the server will remain closed source for security reasons but the rest will be open sourced when it is complete.
The server is hosted on Microsoft Azure. If you are interested and want to help visit our Patreon page.
Discord: AiAe#7847 or join our Discord server.